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Around The Campfire
Welcome to Missouri State Parks Around the Campfire is an effort to help our campers stay up-to-date with the best insider information from your state parks. This newsletter will also highlight fun and educational events, provide updates on projects going on in the parks and historic sites, and give tips for making your camping stay pleasant.
 Campfire at Wallace State Park
Upcoming events at Missouri State Parks. If you are looking for a special event or just want to find out what is going on at a park or site before you go.

Chocolate Making Event at Dr. Edmund A Babler Memorial State Park 

JULY 7, 2024 – SECRETS OF THE CHOCOLATE MAKER – Join food historian and educator Melissa Blank to learn the history of the delectable delight that is chocolate. Dispel the myths of chocolate’s history and heritage during a hands-on demonstration of how chocolate was made and used. This program will highlight the impact chocolate has had on our collective food history, as well as its fascinating history and future.The program will take place on July 7 at the Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park visitor center, and an American Sign Language interpreter will present. Registration is required.Get More Info
JULY 13, 2024 – GUIDED BISON SAUNTER – Prairie State Park will host a Guided Bison Saunter starting at the Regal Tallgrass Prairie Nature Center on July 13 at 10 a.m.“What is a ‘saunter’?” you say? According to Merriam-Webster, “saunter” means “to walk about in an idle or leisurely manner : STROLL” (that is, to walk at a slower pace to take in all the surroundings).Visitors should be prepared for at least a 2-mile saunter over uneven terrain. The event is free and sponsored by Missouri State Parks.

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Guided Bison Saunter at Prairie State Park
RoundUp for Veterans at Missouri State Parks in July. 
JULY 2024 – ROUNDUP FOR VETERANS – In July 2024, round up on your purchases at Missouri State Parks to help create special events and programs for Veterans. Missouri State Parks values the contributions of veterans, current service members and their families. We offer camping discounts and a number of special events and programs specifically designed for veterans across Missouri State Parks. Get More Info
MSP Events
Cooking With Fire Need some campfire cooking ideas? Look no further!
2 liters of Pepsi
2 bottle of BBQ sauce
10-14 chicken legsDIRECTIONS:
Put all your chicken in a Dutch oven with lid. Cover it with the bbq sauce, then add Pepsi so that the chicken is almost completely covered. Put the lid on and set the Dutch oven on a hot bed of coals and cover lid with more coals. Cook 15-25 minutes depending on heat of fire. You may have to add more Pepsi in the middle of cooking. The Pepsi is added to caramelize the chicken and keep it from burning. Cooking over a campfire.
Campground under construction at Montauk State Park. Building today for tomorrow at Missouri State Parks. On Oct. 19, 2021, Missouri State Parks sold $60.2 million in bonds for 28 revenue bond-funded projects at 22 different parks and historic sites across the state. These projects are expected to be completed over a five-year period. Get More Info
Happy Campers While you might like to think camping is your home away from home, please be mindful that you are sharing a camping experience with your neighbors. Practice the following tips to make your stay enjoyable. Don’t walk through other visitor’s campsites. Don’t leave bright lights on all evening. Don’t park in what appears to be an empty campsite unless you paid for that spot, too. Be a responsible pet owner, dogs must be kept on a leash, picked up after and cannot be left unattended. Clean your campsite before leaving.If you arrive early and want to check in, but your reserved site is occupied, check with the campground host for other options.
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Spark your interest by getting involved at Missouri State Parks. Always dreamed of working for Missouri State Parks, but already have a job? Learn how you can become a volunteer or a campground host. You can also make your voice heard and your opinions count by participating in an annual public meeting held at our parks and historic sites. 
Volunteer at Missouri State Parks.Volunteer Shop the Missouri State Parks online store.Shop Now Public Meeting information from Missouri State Parks
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