Thew Bloodiest Day in American History - Visiting Antietam National Battlefield with!

Thew Bloodiest Day in American History – Visiting Antietam National Battlefield with!

EXCLUSIVE Pics of the Battlefield Shot on 11/26/2023 by my724outdoors staff.

23,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or missing after twelve hours of savage combat on September 17, 1862. The Battle of Antietam ended the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia’s first invasion into the North and led Abraham Lincoln to issue the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.


The Battle of Antietam (/ænˈtiːtəm/an-TEE-təm), or Battle of Sharpsburg particularly in the Southern United States, was a battle of the American Civil War fought on September 17, 1862, between Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee‘s Army of Northern Virginia and Union Gen. George B. McClellan‘s Army of the Potomac near Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Antietam Creek. Part of the Maryland Campaign, it was the first field army–level engagement in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War to take place on Union soil. It remains the bloodiest day in American history, with a combined tally of 22,727 dead, wounded, or missing.[11][12] Although the Union army suffered heavier casualties than the Confederates, the battle was a major turning point in the Union’s favor.

Visit the Park

The Antietam National Battlefield Visitor Center opened to the public in the winter of 1963. Over the past two years, it has been extensively restored and it is now home to new interpretive exhibits. The Visitor Center is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Late fall sunset with Maryland Monument (left), New York State Monument (center), and 20th New York Monument (right).

Basic Information

Learn more about operating hours and directions. Pets are allowed, but must be on a leash at all times when in the park, regardless of obedience OR proximity of owner. We ask that you clean up after your pet and pets are not allowed inside the visitor center, historic buildings, or the Antietam National Cemetery.

Places to Go

Some key places to visit include the visitor centerDunker Church, and the National Cemetery. During the summer months and weekends during the spring and fall, stop and visit the Pry House Field Hospital. Conduct research at our park library, by appointment.

Things to Do

Learn, listen, hike, and explore. There are many things to do at Antietam, check out our calendar for special programs held throughout the year.

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