Catching Huge Brown Watersnakes! with NKFherping and!

Catching Huge Brown Watersnakes! with NKFherping and!

February keeps getting warmer and warmer, and next week is looking even better! Stay tune for more spring snake hunting! We are out catching huge brown watersnakes today near the lake, watch the video for a couple of HUGE ones!

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Brown Watersnakes are large — 30-60 in (76-152 cm) –- fairly heavy-bodied semi-aquatic snakes. Coloration is generally light to dark brown with large dark brown square blotches. One line of square blotches runs down center of the dorsum and two other lines run in alternating rows along the sides of the body. The belly is usually light with brown splotches and black crescents. Like all natricine watersnakes, brown watersnakes have strongly keeled scales; anal plate divided; head visibly wider than neck, giving it a slightly triangular appearance. Brown watersnakes have narrower heads than other watersnakes in our region. Additionally, the eyes are high on the head and close to the tip of the nose. Females are much larger than males.

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