Fishing an ALLIGATOR Hole with SMALL Lures with Creek Fishing Adentures and!

Fishing an ALLIGATOR Hole with SMALL Lures with Creek Fishing Adentures and!

Fishing off the bank in the everglades and stopped at one spot where there was a few alligators lurking but still caught several fish on bobby garland itty bit slab huntr’

Be cautious when fishing in waters with alligators, as some will not hesitate to grab a hooked fish or eat the fish on a stringer. Avoid heavy vegetation in and near the water’s edge as alligators use these areas to bask or ambush prey.

Alligators can be a bit testy and do peculiar things during mating season, which happens in the spring and the summer months. Alligators only leave their marked territories this time of year to look for females, so you may see larger alligators more frequently and in places you don’t normally see them. Just wave to them, give them their space and leave them alone.

Keep your Distance when fishing an alligator hole

Alligators may look lazy and slow, but when they want to move, they can move fast! You should stay at least 60 feet away from alligators at all times. If an alligator hisses or lunges at you, you’re way too close. Also, never disturb alligator nests or baby alligators because their mom is always nearby ready to protect her babies.

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