Digital Nomad Life By Lance Cody-Valdez 12/01/2021

Digital Nomad Life

How to Hit the Road in Your RV as a Digital Nomad

Becoming a digital nomad can be a great option for those who want to travel and see the world, but who still have daily job responsibilities. As a digital nomad, you still work, but your work is mostly remote, which means you aren’t tied to any one location. You might even be able to live out of an RV and travel from one site to the next according to your interest, work needs, or the seasons. No, this lifestyle is not for everyone. And it can be stressful if you go into it without proper planning. Nevertheless, many people find the life of the digital nomad to be exciting and fulfilling – and an affordable way to travel the world.

Understanding what a digital nomad is and isn’t.

First, it’s important to understand that being a digital nomad does not mean a nonstop vacation. You are still working, after all. And not every destination may be accessible, convenient, or affordable. In addition, if you’re living out of your RV, you have the added hassle of finding places where you can park overnight. You’ll also need a method for connecting to the internet. Yes, you might be able to connect to free public networks, but this could pose a serious security issue for you and your employer. A better choice is to invest in a mobile hotspot. Also, look for seasonal RV parks that offer cable internet.

Work that you can take on the road.

Not every job is compatible with the life of a digital nomad, clearly. Some work must be done in person, or at least with a hybrid model. Jobs that work well for the life of a digital nomad include accounting, content writing, graphic design, data entry, programming, and web design. If you are already in this kind of work, great – taking your job on the road shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are tied to a workplace or office, however, consider whether the life of a digital nomad is attractive enough to you, to merit a career change. If you think such a chance will be worth it, figure out what kind of work you are qualified for, that you can do remotely. If you need additional training for a new career, remember that with online education you may be able to get a new degree or certification while traveling, too.

Starting your own business.

Another possibility, for would-be digital nomads hankering to hit the road, might be starting your own business and running it right out of your RV. If you have a marketable skill that could easily become the basis of a business, this might be your path to a more flexible and autonomous future. As a nomadic solopreneur, you would be able to call your own shots, set your own schedule, contract with the clients you choose, and craft a business entirely according to your niche. Starting a mostly digital business does not require a lot of upfront cash. It can be a relatively simple process, too. Registering your company as an LLC is a good idea because it gives you added liability protection, and you can have a formation service take care of it for you. However, check on the regulations regarding travel and business location for a Missouri LLC.

Some money-saving tips for full-time RV digital nomads.

One way to economize is to cut down on gas costs, so try to find good places to park for longer periods instead of constantly driving around. You can save on food costs by making your own meals instead of eating out. It will cost you less if you buy non-perishable items in bulk, but otherwise, don’t purchase more than you are likely to use, so it doesn’t go to waste. You will spend less if you plan your excursions well in advance, and know exactly where you plan to park, how to access the internet, and where to shop.

Even if you just try it for a while, living and working as a digital nomad will give you an opportunity to expand your horizons and sample different cultures and locations. Plus, you will probably learn more marketable skills along the way. If this is something that sounds appealing, follow for helpful resources, and meet up with other RVers on the forum.

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