GRAND COULEE DAM Visit and Camping was AWESOME with Just Ramblin' Around and!

GRAND COULEE DAM Visit and Camping was AWESOME with Just Ramblin’ Around and!


We visit Grand Coulee Dam in Electric City, Washington State! Our tour guide takes us to the top and under the water to see one of Washington’s most iconic landmarks. We are staying at Steamboat Rock State Park in our Entegra Vision motorcoach. This has become one of our favorite state parks in the Pacific Northwest. We are able to take advantage of hiking to the top of Steamboat Rock for one of the most breathtaking views of Washington’s scoured landscapes.

Most of eastern Washington was formed by the controversial Younger Dryas Impact Theory that challenges the widely popular Missoula Flooding Cycle. More and more supporting data comes out to back up the Younger Dryas Impact Theory that will hopefully become the leading cause of the ancient global apocalypse that destroyed civilizations nearly making the human race extinct.

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