Fun Winter Fishing in the Mississippi River with Midwest Bass Hunter and!

Fun Winter Fishing in the Mississippi River with Midwest Bass Hunter and!

SNOW, ICE & SMALLMOUTH BASS (Fun Winter Fishing in the Mississippi River) I had an opportunity to go to Minnesota in the middle of winter and fish in open water. My buddy Ryan and I found a place where the river stays open and you can wade into the river and catch fish. We fished in sub-zero temps, which can be tough when you line and guides get covered in ice. Totally worth the challenges to catch some open water fish during ice season though.

Fishing at this time of year does, of course, mean adapting some different practices and gear. Just how different these things will be depends entirely upon what area of the nation you live it, but unless you live in the deep south, you’ll need to layer up on the clothing and keep in mind the fish slow down.

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