Canal Fishing in Arizona with Junkyard129 and

Canal Fishing in Arizona with Junkyard129 and!

Canal Fishing is a great time! The SRP canals in arizona are old and are home to a variety of fish.

Canal history

The nine canals that make up the Valley’s canal system were developed over the past 100 years. Each canal has a unique history and service area.


In addition to the main canals, the Valley is home to 924 miles of ‘laterals,’ ditches that take water from the large canals to various delivery points in irrigated areas.

Water is routed into and through these laterals by a series of turnout gates. Residential irrigation customers take their water entitlement at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year by opening valves that release water onto their property for specific time periods.

Most laterals north of the Salt River in urban areas are underground. Many of the laterals that take water from canals in agricultural areas south of the river are open ditches.

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