Check Out Our First Day Of The Cruise to Alaska with Just Ramblin' Around and!

Check Out Our First Day Of The Cruise to Alaska with Just Ramblin’ Around and!


We will show you how long it takes to board the Koningsdam from unloading the vehicle right up to entering on the gangway! On this embarkation day we drag you along as we explore the ship all day. Right away, upon boarding the ship, we go right to guest services to make dinner reservations and upgrade our drink package. We originally had the “Have it All Package” and we switched to the “Elite Package.” This went from 11 drinks per person to include coffee and water to 15 alcohol drinks per person with unlimited coffee and water.

We more thank 11 coffee and waters each day and maxed out almost every day with the alcohol drinks. It was a solid win making that move. We signed up for the Thermal Suite every day to enjoy and thermal pool, steam room, sauna and lounge. Massages are available for an upgraded fee. We eat in the dining room for most of all our meals. Later videos will show the buffet style eating arrangements. In the main dining room, we are on the 2nd deck have our “dress-up” night meal there. Service was always spectacular. We have drinks from most the bars, but we found the Tamarind Bar on deck 11 our favorite on account of the quiet atmosphere and wonderful company of Samson, Paul and JoBelle behind the bar. We explore most of the ship and try to make it quick and painless as we know everyone’s time is very precious. During the evening we enjoy the Rollingstone Rock Room, B.B. King’s Blues Lounge and Billboard’s On Board, all showcasing the talent on the ship. Jodi will explain the choices we made in booking room location. We hope this help anyone trying to decide which cruise ship it the best for them.

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