You MUST SEE This Hotspot of Bigfoot Activity with Sasquatch Theory and!

You MUST SEE This Hotspot of Bigfoot Activity with Sasquatch Theory and!


I travel to South Carolina to meet up with my girlfriend who does paranormal research as well. We travel to an undisclosed location near northwest SC and we come upon a Bigfoot structure area! We were surprised to find so many glyphs and the area is what I look for when searching for Bigfoot. This seems to be a REAL hotspot for Bigfoot activity. It had a lot of fresh water, pines, and a large forest nearby! There are some haunted areas nearby and this leads me to believe there is a connection between the paranormal and Bigfoot. Of course, it could be just a coincidence but I think there is something deeper going on! Later on, we travel to North Carolina. We visit Linville Falls and Wismens Peak in the Pisgah National Forest. We were able to experience the strange light phenomenon at Brown Mountain. Many people believe there is a scientific explanation to it such as swamp gas but many are convinced there is something otherworldly taking place in this mountain range!

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