Muzzleloader Deer Hunting with KYAField and!

Muzzleloader Deer Hunting with KYAField and!

We took our newest video producer, Cody Rowe, out for his first time muzzleloader deer hunting adventure!

Safety While Hunting with a Muzzleloading Shotgun

  • All new muzzleloading firearms come with manuals that include loading instructions and safety precautions. If you buy a used muzzleloader with no manual, write or e-mail the company for a copy and follow instructions to the letter.
  • Loading and safety instructions are easy to follow, but the excitement of the hunt can sometimes lead to mistakes, especially with a double-barrel muzzleloader. If you fire one barrel, it is absolutely essential to remove the percussion cap (or the priming powder from a flintlock) from the one barrel still charged before reloading. Failing to do so invites tragedy.
  • With doves or ducks flying in, it’s also easy to forget which barrel you are loading, making it possible to load a double powder charge in one barrel. You can avoid this dangerous situation by placing the ramrod, after each step of the loading process, in the one barrel you are not loading.
  • Although I have never experienced it, I have read that when hunting with a double-barrel muzzleloading shotgun, the recoil from firing the first barrel can advance the charge in the unused barrel. You can check for this potentially explosive situation by unpriming the unused barrel and checking the position of the charge with the ramrod. All components of the charge should be snug tight in the breech.

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