Fishing Guide Teaches Livescope Basics While Catching BIG Crappie with PFGFishing and!

Fishing Guide Teaches Livescope Basics While Catching BIG Crappie with PFGFishing and!

We get together with Scott Kendall at Dropshot Guide and Tackle Service for some sniping and education at Rend Lake in Southern Illinois!! We covered several items at which I am weak in the livescope game. 1. Close the Gap – Scott explained that you shouldn’t be shy about getting the bait in the fish’ space. With low light penetration you want the fish to feel that jig. 2. Meat on the hook trick – Adding a minnow to your jig without increasing the size of your bait. 3. Angles – try looking at/approaching fish from different angles. Makes sense, I always think in a linear fashion, I need to think more in 3D mode! 4. Boat Control – creep your boat up to your target and let it settle before spot locking, especially in shallower water. It helps avoid your boat making radical movements or prop washing your target with the trolling motor. We had a great time doing today and the weather was pleasant! I was a little slow on the uptick but I picked up steam towards the end of the day. We caught 16 nice Rend Lake Slabs on the day. Scott (and Amy) make some fine crappie tackle, especially their jig heads. They are HIGH quality! I also got to try out the new Mafia Rods 13 foot rod today, and I was highly impressed!! Scott is a great guy and one of the few guides who provide services on Carlyle Lake. And Carlyle is one heck of a fishery! He laid down a lot of knowledge during our trip, and we will be teaming up for a great giveaway when the channel reaches 1000 subscribers!

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