Camping Adventure at Dry Falls Lake is AMAZING with Just Ramblin' Around and!

Camping Adventure at Dry Falls Lake is AMAZING with Just Ramblin’ Around and!


Dry Falls in Coulee City is one of Washington State’s most spectacular landmarks. Created by catastrophic floods over 12,000 years ago, the landmark is a true testament of the destructive force that occurred thousands of years ago, as explained in the Younger Dryas Impact Theory. For 21 years North America was the global epicenter of the planet’s worldwide destruction that plunged Earth back into the ice age for the next 2000 years. An enormous comet struck the ice sheets in North America, sending unimaginable torrents of water and debris south, creating the scoured landscape that we see today. The Taurid Meteor Shower that occurs yearly is the last remnants of that cosmic force that forever changed the face of the planet and nearly caused the extinction of the human race. 12,000 years later, we are RV camping at the Sun Lakes Park Resort just a few miles from the Dry Falls and located in the Dry Falls Sun Lakes State Park. For the next two days we check out the landscape and float in the lake. Here are some helpful links to play your next trip!……

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