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How to Have an Excellent Outdoors Vacation by Cindy Aldridge at!

Outdoor vacations and related “wellness retreats” are all the rage in recent years. They give people a chance to cut loose, have fun, explore beautiful places, and, last but not least, improve their health. Going by a report, 54 percent of Americans went outdoors, making for a staggering 12B trips in total! If you’d like to have an outdoor vacation yourself, covers the critical considerations you should make for an excellent, hassle-free experience:

Family-friendly vacation or solo travel?

First, it’s crucial you pick an outdoor destination (and activities) everyone would enjoy. Oars offers several exciting suggestions for local family trips that are worth checking out, including rafting, backpacking, camping, house boating, biking, and farm stays. If you’re a solo traveler, you could opt for “hard” adventure activities like paragliding, heli-skiing, shark diving, and snorkeling.  

Train to be in shape a few weeks in advance

Outdoor vacations can be demanding physically and mentally, requiring you to be on your feet for hours at a time. For family-friendly activities, you likely won’t do anything too rigorous, meaning you should be good to go if you’re in reasonably good shape and have an active lifestyle. For intermediate or advanced trips, a high level of fitness – requiring several weeks of training beforehand – may be necessary. Reccy offers a fitness guide you could consult.

How to Have an Excellent Outdoors Vacation by Cindy Aldridge at!

Consider everyone’s safety

The outdoors can be dangerous, especially if you’re going somewhere remote. Planning, preparation, and awareness are key to ensuring everyone’s safety. For the best results, research the area, terrain, weather, common risks, and safety best practices before you travel. Know your limits, travel with companions, pay attention, and be prepared for emergencies.

Create a travel plan

A good travel plan is essential to ensuring you have a smooth experience. Figure out the kind of trip you’d like to have, and then plan accordingly. The important things to cover are the best time to visit, what you’d like to do on what days, the transportation options, the terrain, possible dangers, your budget, the weather, how to adjust to the local culture, and possible alternative activities if your original plan fails.

Pack right

Having good gear, comfortable clothing, and other essentials make your trip much more enjoyable. Creating a master list a few weeks in advance will help you remember everything important and give you plenty of time to prepare things. Some important things to bring along are IDs, documents, adventure clothing, and snacks. Make sure you travel light and dress for local conditions. 

Talk to the locals

When you have a particular destination in mind, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the locals for travel advice and suggestions. This can be beneficial in several ways – you can uncover hidden activities, avoid tourist traps, know what to expect, learn about common pitfalls, and generally gain the inside scoop on how to have a better experience overall.

Purchasing a vacation home if you love a particular destination 

Just like more people are going on outdoor vacations, they’re also purchasing more vacation homes. It makes sense – if you love a destination, having a home there allows you to visit whenever you like. If you’re planning to purchase a vacation home yourself, note that it’s a major financial commitment. You will need to make a substantial 20 percent or more down payment out of your own pocket when taking a mortgage. People who can’t put down that much take out second mortgages on existing homes or use a home equity loan.


Good planning is key to having an excellent vacation. Start planning early to avoid overlooking important things and give yourself time to arrange everything from the transport to the food. Last, but not least, don’t forget to have fun!

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