ICE FISHING 101 For Beginner's with The Hunt For Larry Hoggins and!

ICE FISHING 101 For Beginner’s with The Hunt For Larry Hoggins and!


We spent 3 days researching and studying shallow water ice fishing on YouTube and ordered all the proper gear and decided to give it our best for the 3 days of fishing with the decent ice we had. We drilled over 40 holes with the Eskimo 8in ice auger and kept bouncing from area to area to try to find fish in super shallow waters. It was definitely a challenge with it being our first Ice fishing adventure. We used tungsten 5mm and 4mm jigs by reaction tackle, 4lb Trilene ice fluorocarbon pair with Rapala titanium spring bobbers. We cycled multiple baits and jigs till we consistently caught fish on wax worms in 2.5 ft of water under ice. The bites were extremely light but the proper gear we used was a big advantage on picking up on the extremely light bites. 3 solid days of trial and error till we finally figured it out but man was it worth it!!!

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