Awesome Winter Cabin Adventures in Our National Parks with!

Awesome Winter Cabin Adventures in Our National Parks with!


Reserve a one-of-a-kind cabin or yurt for a winter adventure

This winter, if snow camping isn’t your thing (brrr!), then seek out the warmth and shelter of a cabin or yurt.  These wintertime gems, especially the cabins, often have a storied past – complete with fire and conservation crew tales.  Or maybe the simple lines of a yurt surrounded by gleaming snow calls to your adventurous side.  Either way, picture yourself warm and toasty inside a historic cabin or brushing off the fluffy snow as you settle into your yurt. Time to book your next adventure!

Signature Features

A dusting of snow surrounds Bear Creek Cabin in Montana.
Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest (

Cabins can be quite rustic, but oh so unique and fun. Some offer more amenities than others (think flush toilets vs. an outhouse). Wondering about a yurt? These circular tents with walls come in many different styles and sizes. Consider your needs and your comfort level accessing these cabins and yurts. During the winter, conditions in the backcountry can change rapidly.  Be sure you have appropriate clothing, supplies and a local area map before you head out. 

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Incredible Experiences

A cross-country skier pulls a sled filled with gear as he approaches a snow-covered cabin.
Chugach National Forest (Dana Pearson, Share the Experience)

If opting for a cabin or yurt, you’ll likely need to provide your own bedding, food and cooking supplies. Some facilities include furniture like beds, tables and chairs. Others have camp stoves and wood burning stoves.  Whichever you choose, read each description carefully to understand the amenities that are provided and what you’ll need to bring to make it a memorable experience.

Be sure to check your reservation confirmation letter for cabin and yurt details (like how to unlock the front door). Once you have a reservation, your confirmation letter will advise you about whether you will need a combination or key to unlock the door. In some cases, you may need to call a local ranger district office during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, to get the combination or key. Best to read your confirmation letter thoroughly and in advance of your visit. 

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