There is an EVIL SPIRIT In This Haunted Cabin with Sasquatch Theory and!

There is an EVIL SPIRIT In This Haunted Cabin with Sasquatch Theory and!

In this video, I interview a guest who had a few Bigfoot eye sightings in Pulaski County here in Missouri! It’s the Show Me state and I am taking reports left and right! I also decided to help “Greg” out from the first video who had the haunted cabin with the paranormal experiences. I don’t really want to but I could tell he was a little down that he could not find anyone to help him and he helped me create some content by telling his encounters and experiences.

There is an EVIL SPIRIT In This Haunted Cabin with Sasquatch Theory and my724outdoors 01

The feeling in the cabin was extremely dark and so overwhelming it felt like someone was pushing down on your chest and shoulders! It also felt like someone was squeezing your head very tightly. After hours of staying in the cabin, I decided I had enough. The feeling was just too dark and I didn’t like it. I could sense there were demons in that cabin and well you don’t go playing with the devil. I heard banging from inside the cabin and from the camper. My EMF detector was off the charts, and I mean off the charts. I heard hoofed footsteps in the upstairs and a door creaked open. I said F this and went back and did some bigfoot research at Greg’s house and stayed the night in his guest bedroom. I did hear owls and coyotes all night and I am sure there are Bigfoot in the area. I told Greg he needed a priest to bless the house and I will find a paranormal group to help him out. I would hate to send anyone there as it’s probably too dangerous. If someone is brave enough to go that is fine but I would hate to see anyone get hurt honestly.

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