Awesome Day Finding An Eastern Kingsnake with NKFHerping and!

Awesome Day Finding An Eastern Kingsnake with NKFHerping and!

What an awesome day, finding Scarlet and Eastern Kingsnake on our trip. A few Lampropeltis-filled outings and a great time in the field with Mike Pingleton of So Much Pingle Herpetology Podcast (available wherever you get your podcasts) and Herp Mapper (subject of an upcoming episode)! Mike’s Field Journal:… Herp Mapper:

The eastern kingsnake is fairly stout with a black back marked with a chain-like pattern of thin white or yellow bars. The belly has yellow or white patches on a black background.  Kingsnakes found on the Outer Banks are usually brown rather than black and have light speckles between the chain-like pattern. In the western-most mountains of North Carolina, the kingsnake’s chain-like markings are usually broken up into tiny spots.

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