Cowboy Tarp Camping Adventure with TOGR and!

Cowboy Tarp Camping Adventure with TOGR and!

Camping in the elements with just a tarp! As a front pushes into the Mountains of NC, Luke is out for a Cowboy Camp. In this Adventure, Luke is sleeping on the ground, underneath a gigantic tarp! The best part about camping? You don’t need a boatload of gear to get started. Many of the country’s best campsites can be camped in without an RV, a car, or even a tent — yes, even without a tent. Wondering how in the world you’ll be able to camp without the most fundamental piece of gear?

Tarp camping by nature is usually employed to accomplish one of two things: to save money on otherwise expensive gear, or to provide a lightweight alternative to tent camping. Whether you’re an advanced thru-hiker eager to cut extra weight or looking for a way to cut costs out of your annual trip with friends, tarp camping is an easy way to get outside without the hassle of a regular tent.

Does Tarp Camping Expose You to Wildlife?

While sleeping under a tarp technically allows you to be closer to the open air, campers should take the same precautions to avoid close encounters with wildlife. These include researching the bear box regulations prior to your night out, as well as making sure to keep all food, garbage, and otherwise scented items (toothpaste, lotion, etc.) away from your main campsite. Follow these general guidelines, and you should be able to enjoy tarp camping the same as any tent!

Is Tarp Camping Colder Than Tent Camping?

The short answer is…maybe? Tarp camping, like tent camping, provides a small layer of insulation against the weather outside. Depending on the style of tarp camping you choose, your camp may be more or less exposed to the elements. That said, with the addition of a jacket or two and a quality beanie, you shouldn’t get much colder than you might be in a normal tent. In terms of addressing different types of weather such as rain, snow, or other wet conditions, tarp camping can still work for you! Just make sure you set up your camp up the hill or upstream from the water flow, so that water isn’t flowing into your shelter, and ensure the sides of your tarp are taut against the falling rain.

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