Fun Day Bluegill Fishing with Creek Fishing Adventures and!

Fun Day Bluegill Fishing with Creek Fishing Adventures and!

Just seeing what we catch and ended up having a fun day bluegill fishing. Worms were the choice for the fish today and they ate em up!

The bluegill is noted for the black spot (the “ear”) that it has on each side of the posterior edge of the gills and base of the dorsal fin. The sides of its head and chin are commonly a dark shade of blue. The precise coloration will vary due to the presence of neurally controlled chromatophores under the skin.[4] The fish usually displays 5–9 vertical bars on the sides of its body immediately after being caught as part of its threat display.[5] It typically has a yellowish breast and abdomen, with the breast of the breeding male being a bright orange.[6] The bluegill has three anal spines, ten to 12 anal fin rays, six to 13 dorsal fin spines, 11 to 12 dorsal rays, and 12 to 13 pectoral rays. They are characterized by their deep, flattened bodies. They have a terminal mouthctenoid scales, and a lateral line that is arched upward anteriorly.[7] The bluegill typically ranges in size from about four to 12 inches, and reaches a maximum size just over 16 inches. The largest bluegill ever caught was four pounds, 12 ounces in 1950.[8]

The bluegill is most closely related to the orangespotted sunfish and the redear sunfish, but different in a distinct spot at or near the base of the soft dorsal fin.[6]

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