Florida Caverns State Park with visit Florida and my724outdoors.com!

Florida Caverns State Park with visit Florida and my724outdoors.com!

Florida Caverns State Park offers visitors a rarity in the state, a chance to explore stunning caves. While moving between the large underground rooms, one can observe the many chisel marks made by 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps workers.

These hard-working men enlarged the cave passageways by hand so visitors could stand upright during the guided tours. They also built the park’s spacious visitor center.

We are excited to welcome everyone back to visit the awe-inspiring splendor of Florida Caverns State Park!

Explore underground dry caverns — the only tour of its type in Florida. It features formations that are about 38 million years old. Stunning stalagmites, stalactites, rimstone pools (one is shaped like South America), and soda straws are just a few types of other-worldly creations in the caves. Another cool thing about the cavern tour on a hot summer day is that the temperature stays about 65 degrees naturally, so take a break and beat the heat.

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