Fun Saltwater Fishing Action with Hey Skipper and!

Fun Saltwater Fishing Action with Hey Skipper and!

We are back on the jetty this week saltwater fishing with our teeny tiny Dock Demon fishing rods! This fishing rod is ridiculous and it’s hard not to have a fun time with it. I wonder if we can catch some BIG trout or maybe even a redfish! What do you think? This week, we are back on this crazy jetty fishing with our friend G and my dad. We are hoping to catch some nice fish to cook up at the end of the day.

Saltwater fishing is a rather generalized term used in reference to any method of fishing in the ocean. This applies if you’re casting your line into the waves beneath a pier, fighting a fish from a kayak, saltwater fly fishing, or trolling a line behind you on a boat. Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking for a different way to experience the sport, or a beginner fisherman learning how to saltwater fish, this guide has been designed to offer some insight into the world of saltwater fishing basics.


When you’re surf fishing, you’ll either be standing on the shoreline or wading into the surf. When you’re first starting out, you may be surprised at the variety of fish you can catch off the shoreline; but aside from deep-sea game fish, you can actually catch most saltwater fish without ever going out onto the ocean. This makes it a great starting location for many beginners, and it’s easy to learn.

 Recommended Saltwater Surf Fishing Gear: Your surf fishing rod should be between 12 and 15-feet long with large line guides. Combine your rod with a large saltwater spinning reel and a 20 to 25-pound test line for the best results.

 Recommended Saltwater Surf Fishing Bait: Shrimp, mullet and squid are simple and reliable baits for surf fishing. Shrimp will attract most species of fish, but use caution as they can easily pull it off the hook. For bait that will last longer, but attract less species of fish, try using mullet or squid.


If you’re feeling ready for some hard fights with game fish like Tarpon, head out for some inshore backwater and flats fishing from a flats boat, skiff or kayak. For a freshwater fisherman just getting into saltwater fishing or an intermediate-level angler these locations will feel comfortable and familiar. You can find a variety of species in these inshore waters, like Flounder and Spotted Sea Trout.

 Recommended Saltwater Backwater and Flats Fishing Gear: Choose a 6 to 7-foot medium-action saltwater fishing rod and combine it with a spinning or baitcaster reel. Add a 15-pound test weighted line for the best results.

 Recommended Saltwater Backwater and Flats Fishing Bait: A gold metal spoon is going to be a go-to lure virtually anywhere you saltwater fish, and backwater and flats fishing are no exception. Invest in several of these lures in case of a line break, and some soft plastic jigs.

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Saltwater fishermen will experience some of the best fishing around reefs, hills and shallows when they partake in saltwater bay fishing. Bays are coastal bodies of water that connect to a main body of water. They tend to be large and somewhat enclosed, making them an ideal fishing location to find a variety of saltwater sport fish, baitfish and crustaceans.

 Recommended Saltwater Bay Fishing Gear: You’ll have the most success when you bay fish with a 7-foot heavy-action rod combined with a spinning or baitcaster reel. Add a 20-pound monofilament line and you’ll be ready to go.

 Recommended Saltwater Bay Fishing Bait: Bring a combination of live and artificial bait while you’re out in the bay. Bring gold metal spoons, some white bucktail jig lures and live bait like shrimp to experiment and see what the fish are biting.

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Your saltwater fishing gear can literally make or break your saltwater fishing experience, and will change depending on where and when you are saltwater fishing. From saltwater fishing rods and reels to the clothing you wear, your gear can not only make the sport easier, but safer as well.


Choosing a saltwater rod and reel is dependent on whether you plan to fish with metal jigs, troll or baitcast, where you plan to do your fishing and what type of fish you’re aiming to catch. Generally speaking, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Longer rods will cast father, while shorter rods are more powerful for when it comes time to fight the fish.
  2. When you see the term “power” on a rod, it refers to the weight the rod is capable of lifting.
  3. High-speed reels are better suited to fast baits, whereas low-speed reels are more powerful for fighting the fish.
  4. Match the reel to the line weight of your rod.
  5. To pick the right rod, match the lure weight to the size saltwater bait or lure you plan on using.
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