Native American Haunting Reveals a Dark Presence You CAN FEEL with Sasquatch Theory and!

Native American Haunting Reveals a Dark Presence You CAN FEEL with Sasquatch Theory and!


In this video, I travel to Pulaski County Missouri to help a landowner determine if he has Bigfoot sign on his property and to hear about the strange occurrences that have taken place on the land. I am shocked to find out that a bigfoot research trip quickly turned into a paranormal trip…I will admit that this is not my cup of tea and I prefer not to dabble into the dark side of this research. I feel that just by communicating with entities and spirits you can really damage your life, soul, and mind. I do agree to look into the cabin to see what happens but I will admit that I don’t really want to. I heard knocking in the cabin, experienced equipment failure, and heard hoofed footsteps upstairs. Greg the property owner has something really dark in his hunting cabin that needs attention from a priest who can possibly drive out whatever demons are in there. If there is a solid paranormal team that would like to go in the cabin and stay all night or for a few nights please contact me and I will get a hold of Doug. You can call me a chicken and that’s fine but I can sense what is in there and it’s dark… A heavy feeling will come over you and take over your mind.

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